I offer an initial free 30 minute assessment session. This is a time for me to find out more about you and the issue that is troubling you and for you to discover if you feel you can work with me and I am able to help you.

I work with both individual adults and couples.

The issues that people come to counselling for are anxiety, depression, stress, relationship issues, phobias, addictions, bereavement and loneliness. Sometimes the problem can be about purpose and meaning and a sense of having lost one’s way.

My counselling room is just outside Horsham, and is within easy reach of surrounding areas including Crawley, Billingshurst and Haywards Heath. I am now offering face to face counselling with suitable clients with appropriate safeguarding protocols. More information available on request for face to face sessions.

How can counselling help you?

Counselling is not about giving advice but helping you to find your way to making the changes you want, to find a more relaxed, fulfilling and insightful way of living. It can be short term addressing issues that are recent that you just need to talk through to discover your options. 


It can be longer term counselling, addressing issues that have been around for a many years and have been affecting you, the relationships you have and the way you have lived your life. These issues can arise from family life or growing up experiences such as trauma, abuse, neglect, bullying, living with depressed relatives, bereavement, a sense of not being cared for and much more. Counselling is about exploring these life events, making sense of life stories and giving you space to explore your feelings and thoughts about them. And discovering how you have managed and coped, what strengths you have and what changes you want to make in the future.

During counselling I will offer you:

  • A safe, private and confidential space to talk about things that concern you.
  • My full attention to help you feel heard, understood and not judged.
  • An opportunity to explore what is happening for you in relation to others in your life. 
  • Some helpful exercises for releasing tension and anxiety that are easy to learn.
  • The opportunity to discover and deepen the strengths and skills you have.
  • Help to develop your sense of self awareness and self reflection.
  • Help to improve and increase the choices you have.

Choosing a counsellor can be a difficult and worrying. You may have questions about my efficacy? Will I be able to help you or care about you? Will you get on with me? Will you like me? There are no easy answers. I would suggest that you trust your instincts and feelings and see where it leads. And of course you do not have to continue with me – you have a choice.

I provide a pleasant private room with easy parking and access and offer both evening and day time availability now that I am able to see clients face to face again.